Queen’s Message

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I have been asked to thank you and the members of the Beani Bazar Welfare Trust UK for your kind letter to The Queen about the work of the trust and the celebration that you are holding in May.

Her Majesty much appreciates your thoughtfulness in writing as you did and, in return, sends her warm good wishes to all concerned for a most enjoyable and successful event.

Yours Sincerely,

Queen sign

David Ryan

Director, Private Secretary’s Office


President’s Message (Bangladesh)

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I am delighted to learn that Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK will be celebrating 12th Anniversary of its formation in UK and the Organisation will publish a magazine to commemorate this occasion. I commend these efforts.

It gives me pleasure to mention that the Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK has been rending various services for the welfare of the needy people in Beanibazar. I urge the trustees of Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK to continue their good work in future and project a better image of Bangladesh

I wish Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK’s celebration a grand success.

Jillur Sign



Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman
Late President
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Prime Minister’s Message (Bangladesh)

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It gives me immense pleasure to learn that Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK is going to publish a magazine to mark its 12th Anniversary.

I am also happy to learn about your activities in United Kingdom and here in Bangladesh. The achievements of the trust over the years are really praiseworthy.

I wish the Trust all success in days to come.

hasina sign



Sheikh Hasina
Hon’ble Prime Minister
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Prime Minister’s Message (United Kingdom)

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“I am deighted to be sending this message for inclusion in your Event Broucher.

Bangladesh is a high priority for the UK aid programme. The UK is a long standing friend and partner of Bangladesh. We continue to help Bangladesh in its efforts to become a stable, prosperous country, playing an increasing constructive role in the global community.

We value the contributions to the country by organisations like yours who understand the challenges faced by the country and the vital role you play in ensuring that men and women are able to fulfil their potential, whatever their chosen walk of life.

I wish the Beani Bazar Welfare Trust UK the very best in your efforts.”

Alan duncan sign





Official Message from

Mr. David Cameron, MP
Prime Minister
United Kingdom


Opposition Leader (United Kingdom)

Ed Miliband MP (Lab) blanck House_of_Commons_logo blanck blanck

Many thanks for your kind email inviting Mr Miliband to attend your anniversary event on Sunday 20th May.

Unfortunately, due to prior diary commitments, Mr. Miliband will be unable to attend. Please accept his sincere apologies and best wishes for the occasion.

He is pleased to learn about your welfare activities in Bangladesh and here in UK. The achievements of the trust over the years is really praisworthy.

Mr. ED Miliband, MP
Opposition Leader
United Kingdom


Education Minister’s (Bangladesh)

NAhid blanck BD gov blanck blanck

It gives me immense pleasure to know that the Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK is going to hold its 12th anniversary and award ceremony.

I have been following the progress with keen interest and attention over the last twelve years and have admired the projects and programmes it has undertaken in Beanibazar and surrounding areas ranging from emergency and disaster relief to education, health, employment and housing projects. These acts of selflessness – often without any expectation of recognition or reward – speak volumes about the vital contribution which Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK made to the needy people of Beanibazar and surrounding areas.

I would like to thank Beanibazar Trust UK for the recent initiatives taken to encourage the upcoming British Beanibazaris to shoulder tomorrow’s responsibilities.

I wish every success of the 12th anniversary and award ceremony.

Nahid sign



Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid M.P.
Ministry of Education
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Rushanara Ali

Rushnara Ali blanck House_of_Commons_logo blanck blanck

I am delighted to provide a message of support for the Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK. Since it began in 1999, the trust has sought to promote good relations between communities in the UK and Bangladesh. The trust has encouraged many young British Bangladeshi to do voluntary work in their communities and has provided them with the support they need.

As they celebrate the achievements in education of their young members, I congratulate the Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK for the work that they have done so far and with them every future success.

With warmest wishes and salaams.

rushna ali sign



Rushanara Ali MP
Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow
Shadow Minister for International Development


Lutfur Rahman

lutfar blanck Tower Ham blanck blanck

I am pleased to support the 12th anniversary of the Beani Bazar Welfare Trust UK.

The Trust is doing an important job in raising awareness and funding for the needy in Beani Bazar in Bangladesh.

The Trust is involved in some good work in trying to relieve poverty and promote good health and education. It also encourages young British Bangladeshi’s to get involved in voluntary work. They work with young people to start and develop social enterprises and fundraising for charities.

I wish them all the success and best wishes for the future.
Yours sincerely,

Lutfur sign



Lutfur Rahman
Mayor of Tower Hamlets
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent
London E14 2BG