“To help the poor & needy people of Beanibazar break away from poverty and dependency on others, using eff ective and sustainable methods.”

In the year 1999, Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK was founded by some dedicated British Beanibazari people with the aim of helping some of the poorest people in Beanibazar. In February 2000 we fi rst opened our bank account with the fund of £2600 (two thousand and six hundred). On November 12, 2000 the very fi rst offi cial BGM was held at London’s Toynbee Hall. At present Beanibazar Welfare Trust has got 184 trustees, a fund of Taka 1 crore 20 lac in Bangladesh and £24000 in UK. We hope to increase that over the years to come.

While our main focus is on Beanibazar, we have also undertaken initiative to encourage and recognise the achievement of young British Beanibazaris. On November 29, 2011 we launched our website as a way of communication.

Registered in the UK as a charity in January, 2012, Beanibazar Welfare Trust UK focuses primarily on helping the poor and needy become self-reliant, and not dependent. To date, thousands of people have received assistance from the trust; including tube well, winter clothing, wheelchairs, computer for schools, Rickshaws and many others. Currently we are working on a Housing Project. Over the years we spent nearly Taka 80 lac for our projects. We still have long way to go. But we have no hesitation in saying that in our short existence, our  erformance as a small organisation has been impressive. BBWT is a visionary, courageous and also outcomefocused humanitarian  rganisation and We British Beanibazaris should be proud to have such a voluntary organisation.

As the survival instinct of life that drove our preceding generations in the last century to undertake hazardous journey from remotest corners of Bangladesh to England, it’s not officially recorded who first came to England from Beanibazar. But some of them have landed on the shore of England from that region. They shone as stars of hope for the thousands of down trodden people who retraced the footsteps of the preceding generations in order to shrug off the shackles of poverty. It is because of the same survival instinct that a group of people among multitudes were able to see their world further afield and endeavoured to reflect their fellow-feelings that found an expression in the form of localized organisational force which could withstand any unforeseen dangers in a strange foreign land.

With this holistic spirit in mind some of the visionary people of earlier generations proceeded to form organisation like Beanibazar Welfare Trust in 1999. A small group of people from Beanibazar played a leading role in the movement for social uplifting and consciousness among the community. It was their tireless efforts and hard works contributed to the formation of Beanibazar Welfare Trust. Since then it has grown immensely.